Grief Literature

Healing Grief—7th edition - Updated 2013
Amy Hillyard Jensen
24 pages

This famous booklet, first published in 1980, has sold over four million copies, and continues to be the preferred handout in many situations. 

Accurate attention to detail satisfies professional care givers, while the author connects with the bereaved by showing that her own experiences closely relate to their grief.  The reader soon realizes that the author has “been there” and knows what he or she is going through. 

First inspired by the research and teaching of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the booklet puts her principles in a succinct and readable form.  The organization into 16 sections allows the reader to choose any or all of an amazing scope of subjects.  This makes it an easy-to-read as well as a relevant and helpful guide.

Many bereavement books and booklets are available from various sources.  All offer some help.  But what about cost?  This booklet is produced in a low-cost format with large printings so that it can be offered at low bulk rates.  Hospitals, hospices, funeral homes, and others can fit this booklet into their budgets. Check out the incredibly low prices.

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